Does anyone have the large tribute and the Tods restyled patent tote?

  1. Hi everyone. I'm a newbie and used this site this a.m. to spot a fake on eBay (thank you PF veterans). I'm looking for a new work bag and I've narrowed it down to the large YSL tribute or the Tod's restyled tote (black patent leather).

    Does anyone have both bags and could comment on whether one is better suited over the other as a work bag? Thanks.
  2. Hi and welcome to TPF!

    I'm curious about the Tod's tote you mentioned; is it this one:

  3. Yes, that's the one. It's roomy on the inside and is a classic bag.
  4. Hi again, espirit!

    Unfortunately, I do not have either bag, but I suggest you post this question on the "Handbags and Purses" subforum. Just start the same thread in that section because I am sure you will get more replies.:yes:

    I think that is where Tods enthusiast post and also YSL owners, so you will be able to read their point of view.
  5. Totally off topic, but so funny because before I set my heart on my olive muse was also contemplating Tod's D-bag restyled. Opted for muse instead because Tod's doesn't have zippers and so (in my mind) gapes.

    Glad to know am not the only one that thinks Tod's and YSL have things in common (classic style, great quality leather).
  6. I own both bags and think that the D-bag is better for work if you have to carry a lof of stuff, as it measures about five inches from front to back, while the Tribute is essentially flat. In addition, the wider top and longer strap drop make the D-bag easier to access. The height of the large Tribute can make it difficult to find items in the bag. Both are lovely, though.