Does anyone have the Large Soho Satchel? #10581

  1. I just got one and once I un-stuffed it - it got a bit slouchy. The pcitures on the website are so stiff and upright. I am guessing it is just because it is leather and those are stuffed pretty well for the pictures??

    Anyone else have a large slouchy soho? :rolleyes:
  2. i dont but that bag is beautiful ecspecially in the lime ! what color did you get. and congratulations on your beautiful (slouchy) bag !
  3. LOL! Thank You!

    I loved the Lime too but I went for the Camel. I will take a picture as soon as I get home. :smile:
  4. yay im excited !
  5. oh that's going to be beautiful!! I saw that today at the store and loved it, but tooooo big for me....can't wait to see your pics!!
  6. Do you mean this one?
    Ebay Pics 318.jpg
  7. ^^^ i got that one ranskimmie!! in mahogany leather :smile:
  8. I just got this bag from my PCE in my Mom's closet. It's slouchy. Love it!!

  9. OOH, Yes, Krispin - that is the one - and I am glad to hear your bag is slouchy too! LOL

    Thanks, ranskimmie, for posting the picture of your bag as well! I love that! :yes:

    I gave my aircard to my Mom this weeked to take to the shore and my new laptop isn't recognizing my wireless network so I will post a pic as soon as I get my aircard back.

    Thanks everyone for the reassurance. I can't wait to carry my new bag now.