Does anyone have the Large Smithfield in Claret?

  1. I have posted in the authencity thread as well, and I have e-mailed Mulberry (but no reply for them) but I thought I should ask separately as well: is the large claret Smithfield fully lined? I haven't seen one in real life, just the Petrol, and that was indeed fully lined. I have however seen at least two Smithfields, claret, on eBay that are NOT fully lined. Both are from seeming good sellers, and both are claimed to be genuine. So, I'm wondering if it's a color issue - that some colors are lined, some are not? Wishful thinking, perhaps, but I'd still love confirmation for peace of mind.. :smile:
  2. I drooled over one last August at HOF in red and it was lined.
    I hate to post that, because you never know with Mulberry and linings.
    My advice would be to contact Mulberry to find out for certain.