Does anyone have the Lady Dior tote?

  1. Hey all,

    I'm just wondering if the Lady Dior Cannage tote can be worn on the shoulder....I love it's shape, but the handle seems a tad too small to be worn on the shoulder. Anyone with this bag have any info on this? Thanks all!
    lady dior tote.jpg
  2. Yeah....I guess it does look a little bit tight....I guess i'll just have to go and try it out in the store.....when i have the time that is...:s....But thanks for the link! I have a better idea of what it looks like on the shoulder.....:smile:
  3. I don't own it (yet) but I have held it in the store! I don't think it will fit over your shoulder. I doesn't fit over mine. It might fit over my daughters shoulder, but she's only two!
    Its not meant to be a shoulder bag, :sad: which is why it didn't come home with me! I'm looking more at the lady dior shopper tote now instead, just for that reason.
  4. Does anyone have the shopper tote? I'm wondering how you like it!
  5. I have the Lady Dior soft shopper and I must say that I love it. The handle drop is long enough so that it is a comfy shoulder bag and the leather is so soft (like buttah, LOL!). It's one of a very few bags that I was willing to pay full price for and I get a ton of compliments on it. I live in Dallas and not many people carry Dior here, so it also has some extra cachet for being unique. Strangely enough, my favorite feature is the logo Dior charm that dangles from the handle. I'm not crazy about bags that scream the designer's name, but there's something about those charms that is subtle and chic. The red logo lining is also an unexpected pleasure in a somewhat sedate and ladylike bag.
  6. Which one is the soft shopper? Do you have modeling picks? I would love to see!!!!! What color?
  7. does it scratch easily? i've always loved the dangling Dior charms but have i'm afraid i'm going to ruin the leather :thinking:
  8. Oh my word! :nuts: Why did you have to show me that?!?!?!? I L:heart:ve it! :drool:
  9. ^ I am looking to buy this ( but in black ) as well. Oh...the little matching coin purse is selling me on it even more! I haven't seen the purse before.
  10. It's not designed to be carried on the shoulder, and the short drop of the handles might be a tight fit on you, if at all. It does look lovely hand-carried though.