Does anyone have the Kristin Flap Hobo Bag in black?

Jul 3, 2006
I'm thinking about this one for a smaller dress-up bag, but think I may want the large hobo in black (just brought the brown one and absolutely love it). Would it be too similar to have the black hobo large for casual and this one for work? Or should I get the large hobo and find something else for dress-up?

Also, what do you all think of this other bag? (I know, it's Cole Haan, but thought I'd ask anyway - ha ha!). I know they're different colors. I kind of like the Cole Haan. Decisions decisions.

Here's the Kristin and the Cole Haan bag:



Jun 18, 2010
Kristin looks much classier than the Cole Haan. I think it you want something really fancy, there are lots of sequin bags out this season. Maybe you want to consider those if you don't want similar bags for different uses.
Jul 3, 2006
Kind of looking for one that's just classic blag for use at work, but not as big as the hobo. My worry is that if I buy the big black Kristin Hobo (and I just love the brown one), this will feel like too many Kristin bags that look alike. But I do really like the style. It would be nice to have one that is smaller for when I'm wearing skirts and pumps at the office (hobo is more for casual), if that makes sense. I do need a bag small enough to wear with blazers and skirts.

The Cole Haan would be for casual cabled sweaters and jeans type wear. Need to stay away from the Forum!


Loves Charms & Bags
Feb 17, 2009
I'm thinking about this one for a smaller dress-up bag...

I love this bag, it's beautiful and a classic. I'm waiting to see if Coach does this Kristen flap in brown, in a large size.