Does anyone have the Kooba Katy?

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  1. Does anyone have a Katy? I really like this bag and have been looking at it in the eggplant color which I think is just beautiful! :love: I really love the eggplant color and have been trying to decide on a bag in that color. If anyone has one let me know how you like it, and if you have any pics that would be great, I would love to see some modeling shots to get any idea of the size of this bag. thanks!
  2. I had the Katy in Eggplant. Beautiful bag. Loved the texture of the leather. It's finished with a sheen and just lovely. It's a nice sized bag but not overly big and has some nice hidden side pockets. It's a hand held bag for the most part. Out of all the bags in that same line, I like the Katy the best.

  3. so you don't have the Katy anymore Lexie? was there anything you didn't like about it? I wish they had this beautiful eggplant color in more styles of bags. with longer straps. that is the only thing I am worried about, the strap length.
  4. I buy and sell so frequently sometimes I just don't have bags long at all. If you want alot of strap length this bag might be too short for you. And it's a fairly rounded satchel type bag so if it was filled, your arm would stick out from your body.
  5. i love my katy. i have it in lava. it fits over my shoulder and my forearm quite nicely. i have several botkier biancas and am favoring this bag lately. i love the sheen and texture of the leather, the hardware, and the ruching. it is just gorgeous. it is slightly big for me, and bigger than my medium botkier biancas.
  6. hi- What exactly is the lava color? Is it similar to a black color? It looks a little purple to me. I'm trying to decide if I should order this or not.

    What is the eggplant color like?

  7. lava is a really really dark brown. it almost looks black, unless you are wearing black. from the pictures i thought it would be black when i ordered it. i still love it though.
  8. If it's not too late to reply: I have the Katy too, in lava. And I love it. It fits over my shoulder easily (even over a thick winter coat) and it's the perfect size for my everyday needs - both workday and weekends. It will even accommodate manila folders. Love the style and the ruching, the top zipper, the small flap, the handy pockets - just about everything. The only thing I'm a little worried about is the color seems to be fading a bit.