Does anyone have the J12 Diamond Watch???

  1. I have a White 33mm with diamond markers and a Black 33mm (NO DIAMONDS).. I was thinking of getting the white 33mm or 38mm with the diamond Bezel...If anyone has that one Please post pictures of it and do you think it is WORTH the price or should I just be happy with the 2 that I have and SAVE my $$$ for some more bags????
  2. [​IMG]

  3. I have a white J12 33cm with diamond bezel and love love love it.:love:
  4. I like this watch a lot but with the diamond bezel. Otherwise its not as exciting.
  5. I LOVE diamonds..If I bought these watches myself I would have picked the Diamond Bezel but these were a gift. so I AM VERY HAPPY with them...
    I guess monday I will look into the diamond Bezel UNLESS something else comes my way....
  6. how much are the watches with diamonds? i'm curious! thanx
  7. I love this with the diamond bezel as well. But I can't imagine spending $8K+ on a Chanel watch. I rather spend it on a Piaget or Chopard :smile:
  8. I agree. Or on a brand that makes its own movements.
  9. I totally Agree...I think I am going to pass on the diamond bezel...(for that much $$ I can get a chopard etc..)
    The white one I have is perfect for me with the little bling on the face...KWIM..

    The two I have are great for when I am dressed casual kwim??? I do have a diamond watch already so I will use the $$$ for 2 bags instead LOL (Plus I will have alot left over LOL)

    The diamond Bezel watch is
    $8650.00 for the 33mm
    $9950.00 for the 38mm

    The one I have with just the diamond markers is $4,100.00 33mm
    $3,350.00 33mm No diamonds
  10. [​IMG]
  11. ^^Gorgeous. You also have the Hello Kitty jewelry from Neiman Marcus!
  12. :graucho: Love the kitty OH AND THE watch too..:P Now you are making me want the diamond Bezel:amazed:

    Note to self: Do not look in the thread ANYMORE:lol:
  13. I also have a KLS for HK pendant too. I just love HK jewelery.:love:
  14. Vixy - you have great taste :smile:

    But have you seen the J12 with the pink sapphire bezel? It's drop dead beautiful. And the 38mm size has an automatic movement so the price isn't too bad...
  15. the hello kitty bracelet is gorgeous!