Does anyone have the item # for the Brown Ali?

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  1. Hi,

    I did a search and I couldn't find the item # for the Ali in "Brown." I would greatly appreciate it if someone could let me know what it is. Thank you in advance!

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  2. It should be the same as the other colors (10329), but I think it was only available through dept stores.....
  3. Yes, it's 10329. According to other tpf's Macy's sells it. I think you can order from a boutique, I got mine at CS 800#.
  4. Thank you guys so much for the help!

  5. Post pics if you get one! Great looking bag.
  6. Uh-oh... I've been staring at the brown Ali for the past ten minutes. I think I might have a new favorite color.

    I'd love to see pics if anyone has/gets it!
  7. If I get it I will definitely post pics!

  8. I got my brown Ali from Macy's, but you should be able to order from the 800 number or at any boutique. Here is a picture of mine. The Ali is my favorite style bag and I think she looks the best in the Brown. The vintage look of the brown leather fits the vintage style.

  9. so then would it qualify for the PCE discount?
  10. Here's mine. This is my favorite color of the Legacy line. I'm not sure this will qualify for PCE since it's a department store only item. However, take the style number and ask them to look it up. If they can find it on their system, I think they can order it. I just returned from the boutique and placed a pre order and included the patchwork demi that is available only at the department stores. They found it and included it in my order.

  11. There are lots of Brown Ali's here! Perhaps a close second to Whiskey!

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  12. Thank you guys for all of the gorgeous Ali pictures! I definitely want this bag.

    Yesterday my SA wasn't able to order me the Brown Ali for the PCE event, but he told me if I get him the style # he might be able to do it. It sounded like no one had ever ordered the Brown Ali from this boutique, even though it is a busy flagship store. I will go back and try again in a couple of days when I get the chance. I really hope I can. I am so in love with this bag and this color! :s

    -Stephanie (pond23)