Does anyone have the Hayden-Harnett Mercer clutch in pewter?

  1. if so, can you tell me more about the color...i know pewter is metallic on the gray/silver side, but online it looks greenish/gold/metallic if that makes sense ...i would love to see pics of anyone's or a more detailed description..iam trying to decide between that one and the vintage black but i am not crazy abou tthe vintage black unless someone can convince me otherwise!!
  2. I have theMercer iin Pewter. It's a great color. It is a muted silver/black but the hardware is more brass colored so it goes great with blacks or browns! I really like the color, and it's not at all flashy. Very pretty. I think you'll like it.
  3. thanks for the input misslola! i found it on a site in a bigger picture and it looks really nice..the black doens't do the bag justice..however, i wish they had a bronzey color, i'm very surprised they don't!!! that is what i would really want, i am a gold person...but i may get the pewter, after all i can get 20% off and i wonder if i would get that deal again IF THE BRONZE EVEN EVER does come out!
  4. I usually prefer bronze too (and gold too), but this is just something different. I was looking at it again, and I would say it's more shimmery than metallic if that makes sense. I have carried it with all my clothes, and I think it blends perfectly, and it especially looks good with black!!
  5. well that is good then, because i am DEFINITELY someone who wears a lot of black....