1. Hi - I was wondering if anyone has the HAMPTONS SIGNATURE STRIPE MEDIUM CARRYALL? This bag is normally not my style - too business-y and I 'm not all that into signature but I am so drawn to it. I can't even decide between the brown or the bordeaux. They both look lovely. Does anyone have it? Someone had mentioned that there was a LE, is this one it? Thanks.


  2. I have two of them - one black on black and one khaki/camel.

    I really like them a lot. I don't care for a lot of Coach styles and am partial to the Hamptons line.
    Khaki Hamptons 07 tote cropped.jpg coach black hamptons 2.jpg
  3. I haven't seen this bag in person yet. But is middle section of your camel bag made in leather or fabric? They are both beautiful. Thanks~
  4. i believe the stripe down the middle is embossed leather, or leather with the C stitched in.

    the hamptons line is my fav of coach, along with the legacy. i've wanted a hamptons tote for the longest time, but every year i can't find something i like. i guess i'm really picky. either i hate the zipper, or the style, or the size, or something. but this year is different, i saw the leather sig medium carryall. i think i've found my dream winter bag!
  5. I do, I do!!! I didn't like this bag on the website, but when I saw it at the boutique it was :heart: at first sight. I thought it might look too serious for my age (32) but it looks delicious!!! I got it in bordeaux and it holds a ton. The SA told me the one I got's a limited edition becuase of the embossed leather stripe in the middle, like lunatwinkle said. Here's a pic of mine:


    eta: yes, one centre sripe's darker than the other. All of them look like that. I asked my SA about it.

  6. Okay, so I just spoke to my Coach SA and placed an order for this bag. I ordered it in the chestnut color though. I couldn't decide between the two so I ordered the brown. Have you seen it in that color? I hope I didn't make the wrong choice. They were both so beautiful. My SA told me that the Miranda will be released in December and that she would honor the 25% discount once the bag came in. So I figure if I get the bordeaux in the Miranda, I should get this one in a different color. Oh, I hope I made the right choice as your bag looks incredible!