Does anyone have the Hamptons PEBBLED LEATHER LARGE CARRYALL?

  1. Hi ladies...

    I'd like to purchase this for my mom unfortunately I cannot find a store that carries this around locally.
    My moms the type that is so simple she only shops at yard sales when she buys anything for herself so I would like to get her a bag this Mother's day.

    I've seen a picture of this on, but I need to a see pic of the interior.
    Can anyone show me what it looks like or give me an idea of what it looks like?
    My mother is the type that likes a lot of little compartments and slots which I KNOW is not a feature that Coach generally offers but this looks like a purse that may have that.
    Can someone confirm/deny that? Or offer a solution?

    Thanks in advance ladies =)
  2. The inside has the standard zip pocket and then two slip in pockets. The top closes with the jacket type zipper. It is a beautiful bag, but not a lot of pockets. You could perhaps get her the purskette thing to go inside of it though. You are a sweet daughter!
  3. I saw a judge's white carrying the carryall in eithe sand or cream or a light beige. Absolutely stunning.
  4. Thank you so much for the quick reply Mokey =)
    I seen that purskette thing listed in other thread I will have to go look for it.