Does anyone have the Hamptons Patchwork Large Carryall?

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  1. I am not a fan of most of the Hampton's collection because I don't like the brass 'latch thing' on the front of the bag. Although I do like someone of the Hamptons Vintage, but probably not enough to purchase. BUT I do like this bag. I like the style mostly. Different! And the different textures of black leather really catch my eye. Does anyone have any pics and/or modeling pics of it?
  2. I don't have it, but I saw it at the boutique and it is really striking IRL. :tup:
  3. Is it a 'dressy' bag? Looks like it could be.
  4. I went to the boutique with the intention of buying one today. It's a beautiful bag but I wasn't wowed by it. :nogood:
  5. I think it's one I would like to see IRL. I'm going to the boutique on Saturday. I love the style. Do any other bags come in this 'drawstring' style?
  6. It doesn't look like the one online IRL.[​IMG]

    It looks more like this but with hard handles like above.
  7. I saw the black patchwork bags IRL and they are very nice - very dressy for a patchwork bag!