Does anyone have the Hamptons Leather Carryall?

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  1. I know many ladies picked up the hobo, which I had but returned because I didn't like it on me. I am really loving the Hamptons Leather Carryall #15404, it reminds me a bit of the Mulberry Bayswater and Alexa (which I am pining over both of those right now) in one bag and costs a bit less.

    I am not really digging the price tag of $698 on it! I was curious who has it and if there are any modeling pics/reveals. I did a search before posting this but only came up with a thread and a link to the Cupcakes and Cashmere blog. She has the walnut version.


    I would totally wait order it but scared they won't be around next month....:shrugs:
  2. I think it's a gorgeous bag!!! And it's a little smaller than the hobo.

    Proffashionista did a reveal of the croc carryall, which is totally TDF! And she had modelling shots:

    Hilary Duff has is in Cypress:

    And she can also be seen on Coach's spotted page (same photo):

    Hope that helps!
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    Thanks, 4vryng! Those are great.

    I was also wondering if anyone has the Coach Hamptons Flap Bag 15400 and/or pics to share?

    I read that they might be offering this in black/silver next month and I would love to see what it looks like before calling or ordering sight unseen! TIA!!

    ****Nevermind! I saw some pics of the studded one. I love the style but probably too small for me. Boo! ***
  4. i love the carryall as well, but the price puts it out of reach
  5. Part of me wants to wait until the next PCE but I am scared I won't get one (again) or the bag will be gone. I am 85% close to just getting it anyway even though I know that the price will give me a total guilt-trip. My usual rule for handbags is $500.
  6. Hey I just PM'd you about the Hamptons flap. It's deceivingly larger than what it looks. I was very pleasantly surprised with the roomy size of mine.
  7. Thanks, Emily! I sent you a message back! :smile:
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    I'm loving this too for exactly the same reasons, but I'm wondering if they will be next on the delete list as they were released after the Alexandra. I have no information to suggest this may be the case, I'm just speculating........well hoping really.

    ETA - on second thoughts I think Mia was next, and then the Hamptons, so may be end November????
  9. hamptons is already out on their website.
  10. I wanted that carryall in the colbalt!!!
  11. Yeah. It really has all the qualities I want but like other ladies I am wondering if I buy it now, will it just go to the outlets next month? That would be a kick in the stomach, ya know? ;)
  12. I doubt that you will find many Hamptons bags at the outlet. That line sold extremely well.
  13. Thank you! That makes me feel better about paying full price! Depending on what Coach Customer Service says today about the Hamptons Flap bag, I will be ordering the carryall. I will let you all know the details on it! :biggrin:
  14. I wanted the flap bag (I think that is what it is called- it is the one ghall did a reveal on), but it isn't online anymore so I am wondering if it will end up at the outlet?
  15. From what's been said, that style sold out pretty quick. It was the perfect size and a great bag. I kinda doubt that would it the outlet. :sad: But there has been talk that it might be released again in different colors. I am calling today to find out.