Does anyone have the grey Spy???

  1. I am considering purchasing the grey Spy, but would love to see pictures of the bag from actual owners, (other than a store site). If you have one, can you please post pictures? :confused1:

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. I dont have one but seen one IRL and its lovely! If you are lucky enough to find one then I am sure you will love it
  3. Thanks katgrrrl, you rock!!! :jammin: BTW, after seeing the pics, I LOVE the bag. I might have to add it to my collection in the next few weeks! :graucho: It's $1440. at!!! :nuts:
  4. who is this jomashop that I hear about all the time
  5. It's a webstore devoted to fine watches & leather goods, but the majority of their products are watches. They have a large selection of Fendi bags though, and at GREAT prices. The site has been authenticated by fellow PFers. Other bag brands include: Gucci, Coach, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Longchamp and Brics. It's a good one!!! :supacool:
  6. Definitely get the grey spy. I just bought one a couple of weeks ago and the color is just gorgeous! It's my best purchase by far!
  7. I think the colour is really unique.
  8. I bought grey spy a couple weeks ago.For me,grey is really unique beautiful color and easy to go for every clothes.When I bought this bag, the fendi sales associate said they transfer the last grey spy form other stores for me. So,I guess the grey spy might almost sold out everywhere.If you really want to buy the grey one,I suggest you'd better hurry up to get one.
  9. Alright, I did it - I took the plunge and placed an order with Jomashop for a grey Spy!!!
    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    I couldn't wait a second longer! Wish me bubbles..... :graucho:
  10. Congratulations!!!!!! You are going to LOVE it. It is the best bag I own!
  11. i can't wait for you to get it! you MUST post modelings pics!!!!!!
  12. Cograts, did you get a grey or the grey/liliac wisteria at Jomashop?

    Secret you ought to check out Jomashop do great deals and they ship to England
  13. HI Saich

    Excellent - thanks for heads up. Will go check that out.
  14. Thanks guys, you're the best (my sweet enablers)! :biggrin:

    Nancy - I will definitely post modeling pics just for you! ;)

    Saich - I'm getting the regular spy (since it's my first). :yahoo: