Does anyone have the gold signature Ali?

  1. Hello Everyone, I really love the Ali bag (along with everyone else). I have the Ali in leather - whiskey, blk and natural. I would really like to get another one. What do you think of the signature gold one? I'm tempted but I haven't really seen anyone with one? What about the brown suede? THANKS~
  2. Someone just posted their gold one on the ali support group thread... it should be close to the last post. I have not seen the brown suede, I have seen the gold one and it is not for me, but everyone has their own taste, it looks beautiful on some people! I Love the Ali though!!! :tup:
  3. ....pssst go to Ali support group:yes:
  4. I have the signature khaki/ebony combo and LOVE IT!! The gold is pretty, but it's a little too much of a dark gold for me...Coach made a line of bags with gold trim last year or the year before and it was a lighter gold which I much more prefered. You can't go wrong with an Ali not matter what color it is though!!!
  5. I have one sitting in my collection. Haven't used it yet.
  6. Mine is the one posted in the Ali support group! I just got it and it's a lot prettier IRL than in pictures especially Coach's stock pictures! The gold is darker, like an antique gold which I like because it's not a bright, in-your-face metallic. It's so neutral it goes with anything and because it's signature it won't be fussy in weather which is the real reason I got it. It's hard to find though. I love mine and I'm not a big signature gal. This is and probably will be my only signature bag. Hope all that helps! And here's a pic just cuz I like showing it off!