Does anyone have the French Wallet (reissue) ?

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  1. I am wondering what the interior looks like with the extra CC slots. Besides monogram, do they have the reissue in damier also? Thanks :P
  2. I heard from the SA at Valley Fair it was only being made in the monogram pattern.
  3. which really sux.....I WANT ONE IN VERNIS!
  4. Is it out yet? last time I heard it was coming out in mid Aug.
  5. Is this wallet out in the stores already? I'd love to see a pic of it, too:yes: . Love all the cc slots and ID window on the Koala wallets (especially the MC) BUT I hate how the constant opening and closing of the wallet can scratch and tarnish the brass closure so easily:sad:

  6. I haven't seen the reissue wallet. I was the LV store last week looking at the MC french purse and the SA didn't mention when the release date would be, only that it was being made in just the monogram canvas.
  7. I just talked to eluxury about the french purse reissue. She said the stores did not have it yet and she found out it will be another couple of months or so before they get any. Does anyone know if this info is accurate? Anyone seen one yet?
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