Does anyone have the Forest Green Paddy From

  1. If so, can you send me photos? I just received mine and I'm a little nervous it may be a fake. The mail zippers seem plastic. Was this common on the 05 models?
  2. Gosh, if it came from NM, the chances of it being fake must be a million to 1 :biggrin:
    Can you post a picture for us to look at please
  3. Well I would tend to normally agree. But no Chloe dustbag, no tags, from Chloe or NM and the zippers seem a little like plastic.
    Here are some photos. I hope it's real I do love it and it fits over my shoulder well.
    P1010611.JPG P1010612.JPG P1010614.JPG P1010616.JPG P1010617.JPG
  4. :yes: The zippers look identical to mine. The third picture also shows the full bag and it looks nice and slouchy (I would definitely say that it is a return as you guys over there call them, and has been used ), but the paddy to me seems to get nicer the more it is worn in, so that would not worry me unnecessarily.

    I agree, that even at a discount, you should get a dust bag (the tags do not always get sent), so you should definitely speak to NM about sending you one of those :yes:
  5. You can tell if the zips are metal or plastic by their temperature... meaning that if you put your fingers on the ring pulls, do they feel cool to touch or are they warm? Metal will feel slightly cool, while plastic will feel warm.

    In any case, I cannot imagine forest green to be a popular colour. It would not be worth the while for fakers to make Paddys in forest green since it would not have terribly high sales. Tan, whiskey, ivory – these are the popular colours.
  6. Having been the unhappy receipient of a fake chocolat from Bluefly and now the proud owner of a *real* one, I think your bag looks lovely and authentic Z&J! Enjoy :smile:

    Is there a serial number tag in the zipper pocket?
  7. My zipper is black material with silver teeth. They close oposite each other. One on the right (top) other on the left (bottom). But mine is from last year.

    I wouldn't worry if you purchased it from Neimans.
  8. Hello! Please remember that they listed this bag 50% off from for reason. Those reasons could be because it came with no tags, dustbag and is a little "beat up" looking. If it came with everything and was near perfect they'd sell it at the retail price. This bag has been in returned a lot of times because of its condition. :sad:

    To answer your question, yes, 2005 paddingtons had interior plastic zippers. I actually started a thread a couple of weeks ago getting a "roll call" interior zippers. You can see that thread here:

    I've also attached a photo of my 2005 chocolate paddington zipper.

    If you love the bag, keep it! It's authentic, don't worry!:flowers:
  9. Fake Paddys come in all colors ........ even colors that Chloe never made.

    Your bag looks WONDERFUL!! Great, they're sending you the storage bag! Don't worry -- Keep it, enjoy it, Love IT - thankfully it has a new home and it gets to stay this time!! :flowers: