Does Anyone Have The Fench Blue With The Gold Hardware?

  1. I really want a blue bag and am thinking of the French Blue. I would like to see what it looks like with the gold hardware. Does anyone have one that they can post a picture of? Thanks!!
  2. This is from the Balenciaga website - the french blue is such a stunning colour and just striking against the gold hardware. Good luck bag hunting!
    GH french blue.JPG
  3. Just my opinion...but I don't like the French Blue with the Giant Hardware. I saw one IRL and it just seemed very busy, like there was too much going on for one bag. I like the giant hardware on more neutral colors and I love the French Blue with regular hardware, but I don't think they are a good combination. But like I said...just my opinion.
  4. I actually really like that bag...
  5. Thanks for the picture!! I think this color would look great with a black pair of pants and a white tee!:yahoo:
  6. Thanks for that picture! That color really glows. Is it that bright in real life?
  7. ^I've seen the French Blue in real life and it is that bright. I saw it with the gold hardware and I like it.

    What style is that one in the pic?
  8. Oh wow!! That color combo is growing on me more and more!! :graucho:

    I have yet to see it IRL, but that might have to be my next endeavor!! :p

  9. I haven't seen it in real live but according to people at Matches, London it is AMAZING :smile:
    And yes it'd most definitely go with black!!
  10. ohhh french blue is amazing... so bright and .. OUT THERE... i love it!
  11. wow, FB and big hardware? I dont like it together. They would see me coming a mile away! Lovethe color, just not the hardware. SILVER hardware on the blues would have been so much better.
  12. 0o0o that colour is SUPER hot!!! hmmmm, not too sure about the GH - i like the GH on the Marine though...
  13. It sounds like a nice combo in theory, but I could not get past how big, chunky, and gaudy the gold hardware looked IRL.

    Now if they had SMALL gold hardware, I might be in the same boat =)
  14. wow! is that for sure the french blue? maybe that is cobalt?? it's a gorgeous bag nonetheless!! it's perfect blue crayon blue!
  15. Among all the 07 Blues...I think my fav would the Bleu Glacier...But I have to wait till March to be sure;)