Does anyone have the felt or wool cosmetic bag?

  1. I saw in the store and looked at it briefly the bolide shaped cosmetic bag - wonder if any of you gals have one? And I can't recall the price either -- :smile:
  2. I had a look at it (I am on a hunt for the perfect cosmetics bag), it's OK, not 'special'. Think I still would prefer one in leather. There is a new one coming out in Jan but will have a snap top (similar to the Karo), so I am going to wait and see....
  3. I was given a pink canvas baby one when DD was born.....never used it!

  4. Do you know anything else about the one that is coming out in January? its size or shape ?? Thanks :smile:
  5. It's my undrstanding that it will be very much like the Karo, ie two sizes, snap closure etc. I don't know much more..... perhaps specialistparis will help us out....

  6. I've got one in Potiron, PM and the price is approximately USD270. Can fit all the toiletries when travel. You can use it with a canvas strap too!