Does anyone have the Epi Figari?

  1. I am looking for a black epi bag, and came across one on eBay. I am not familiar with this bag, and was wondering if anyone who has one could give me your thoughts on it? It says "tote" in the description... would you consider it to be a tote bag, and what would you compare it to size-wise, maybe a Cabas Piano? Any info you can share would be much appreciated!! Thanks!!
  2. Anyone?? :crybaby:
  3. can you post a pic?
  4. It's hand held but you could consider as a tote if it's in MM size ( measuring almost similiar with Croisette PM but a little smaller ).

    On eBay, it's in PM and I'll call as hand held instead tote :smile: do you want the pics? I've pics of Lilac Figari PM.
  5. It is a beautiful bag.
  6. My pics :smile: