Does anyone have the emerald Jimmy Choo slides? Comfortable?

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  1. These shoes are so cute but I don't know if I could walk around in them for a day of shopping. The straps look so thin and flimsy.

    Does anyone have these Jimmy Choos? Are they comfortable and how long can you walk around in them?

    Also is Jimmy Choo ok for wide feet? TIA!

  2. I have wide feet and find Choo's great for me.

    Don't think those shoes are really for walking round all day shopping, more for evenings out without tons of walking
  3. I have these in silver. I have never worn them for a day of shopping. I use them for evening and they are very comfortable. I have had them for a couple years and they are still one of my favorites.
    My foot is normal...not wide or thin but I always find jimmy choos comfortable.
  4. thanks for your answers