Does anyone have the embossed Bleeker Cooper in Peach Rose

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  1. Or has anyone seen it in person? I have the gray one and I love it. Now I'm thinking I want one in Peach Rose. It's in some stores. An SA did a search for me tonight and 2 stores in Boston MA have them. I'm directionally challenged so I won't be driving into Boston to check it out in person.
  2. I have the Bleecker Mini Riley in Peach Rose. It's a very pretty blush color and I know I'll get a lot of use in it during the spring and summer.

  3. Lovely, Lori!

    You know I have it in grey too, I'm sure it's equally stunning in peach rose!
  4. I have it in small. I'm not sure if I'm keeping it though because it's pretty structured compared to what I've seen on here with the other coopers. I could post some pictures of it tmr if you like
  5. The medium is the best sized Cooper, imo. My embossed logo med Cooper is a soft yummy puddle whenempty.
  6. Can you post some mod shots? My small looks so awkward on me crossbody. Are the ears suppose to stick out??
  7. I saw the pebbled cooper in peach rose last night and almost got one. But I've decided I want the embossed one because I love my gray embossed one so much.
  8. I saw the embossed Cooper in peach rose last week. It is beautiful. If you love the grey/birch, I am sure you would love the peach/rose.

    I will be getting my medium embossed Cooper in powder blue tomorrow. I will post photos!!
  9. Can't wait to see your powder blue. I love this bag. I lucked out with mine I got it pre-owned off Ebay for $150. Now I've been using it non-stop ever since.
  10. Wow you got such a great deal!!! I used my PCE with the powder blue. I can't wait to get it!!! I saw the powder blue in the pebbled leather in person and it is a nice light shade of blue. At first I wasn't sure that I would like that shade, but seeing it in person, I really like it. So I hope I like it in the embossed leather.

    Both the grey and peach embossed are really beautiful! So happy you love yours!!
  11. I have the Pebbled Peach Rose, and compared it to the Embossed Peach Rose in the boutique. In the pebbled leather, the peach rose is much more saturated (picture of the peach rose riley above - the color is accurate). The embossed - in store - and on the website doesn't scream "peach rose" - the color looks much more like a natural leather color - almost vachetta. If you're looking for a more neutral shade - go for the embossed - but if you want the true peach rose - go for the pebbled.

    I also have the grey birch embossed (like yours) - and consider it a more neutral color (goes with more) - that's why I went with the pebbled.
  12. Beautiful bag in a beautiful color!!
  13. I did a pre-sale order for the embossed peach rose yesterday.