does anyone have the Dior Trotter Romantique Medium Flap Bag?

  1. hi everyone,
    I'm planning to get a Dior Trotter Romantique Medium Flap Bag.
    does anyone own one? how is it? easy to wear? how much is it? any pic? sorry for all the questions hehehe i'm in love with this bag.:heart::yahoo:
  2. i dont think u can the one with velvet handles and bow in shops anymore but u can buy the one with leather ones...i think its available on Dior , might be a large one though for 455 pounds...:yes:
  3. bag is gorgeous but I don't own one.
  4. It was just around $900 something CAD (approx $820 USD) I think. I don't find it very comfortable to wear on the shoulder, so i usually carry it on my arm or in my hand. Picture attatched is of me holding it in the mirror. I'm quite petite only 5' (so you get some size reference). I really love the shape of it and the simple prettyness of the design, its my only Dior bag! (wish i had the budget for more!)
  5. i wait till the outlets have the leather bow ones like yours:yes: this bag is soooo pretty. i really like it. too bad it is not for the shoulder. but i still want one hheheee:p
  6. I do! :yes: I love it. you can see pics here...

    I don't remember the exact price but it came out to around mid 800s after tax. I can carry it over my shoulder but since it's a more structured bag, it's not exactly comfortable.

    now go get it! :yes: