Does anyone have the diamond shine? need to see

  1. I shop at the Chanel boutique and have not seen or heard of diamond shine. Just saw Japs post and now understand why! I guess the boutiques did not get this style for some reason.....:confused1:

    You know me...I don't want to miss out on anything...any pix available?? please post
    Does anyone know if NM at SHM or the Westchester got these?
  2. Hmm, when I was at the Chanel boutique in San Francisco on Wednesday, they had two of the Diamond Shine bags. I know there have been some photos posted (unfortunately not of one of us modeling it) and I bet you can do a search on "diamond shine" or "ombre" and you will find the threads with photos.
  3. This is the large tote in red. Retail is about $2,200-$2,300

    It's very glossy in real life. It looks matt here. It's actually very beautiful and shiny, like patent leather. I think it's like a coated caviar.

  4. Mac ,
    They have one at my Saks . The flap for 1475 . In all the pics I've seen none do it justice . It is SHINY , like patent leather shiny . It doesn't feel stiff like patent leather though . It is soft . It is caviar leather that is somehow treated .

    I enjoyed the DS thouroughly , but could not see myself w/ shiny leather in the daytime . But that is just me . I would'nt even notice if somone else did it ! i'm slightly neurotic . LOL . Since I just purchased the python tassel flap , I think that is what I will be rocking most evenings .
  5. Here we go....Just for my special PF friends.
    My personal pic DIAMOND SHINE!!!!! The color are graduated from
    dark to light up.

    Available in small size and large size. Not every store are carry them.
    In USA Chanel had ordered only less than 25 pieces in each size.
    2275 for small one and 2795 for larger one.
  6. ^

    By the way.....In my picture is very true color.
    The size of small one is around the size of python tote.
  7. :nuts: 0o0o0o i love the colour!!!
  8. ^^Thanks so much!!! This looks just beautiful! Very classy! I really appreciate all the replies!
  9. The large is 2700 and the small is about 2300... then there is a flap that is about 1500...HTH!!!
  10. My NM only ordered the small tote in blue and black. Their lookbook didn't even show the red available in the small tote.

    GiaGiaJa, were these purchased in the US?
  11. the Chanel in Beverly hills had both sizes in red...SOOOOO AMAZING of a color and look with that patent like leather feel...BUT the bag seems to be too bulky to fit over the shoulders for too wide and since the leather is patent like, it doesnt mush, its got a structured space so it felt like a box under my arm...

    but the red color is suppperr nice wish they had the color in another style!!
  12. Saks has the red for sure... HTH!!
  13. So that (the smaller tote) is what I will receive in the mail next week... Thanks for posting pics!
  14. I saw the large tote in black and red and the small tote in blue and black. I also saw the classic flap version in red and they are all beautiful but the red only came in large, which was extremely bulky and very businesslike and when I put it on my shoulder, didn't like the look. I was going to get the small red classic flap, but decided against it as I have a patent classic flap and was looking for something larger (but not too large) and funkier.