does anyone have the designer phones?

  1. i remeber verasce making alimited edition nokia and D&G made a motorola last december has anyone bought these or any other designer phones? were they worth it how did u buy them?
  2. never isn't easy to find one and i never loved a designer mobile enough to buy it!!i liked the golden D&G razor, but i never found it around, so i bought the pink one...:angel:
  3. i liked the razor too but only 1000 were made and it wouldnt think tehy would come to oz let alone work on our lines
  4. my friend bout the escada seimins one. but its no that great
    i have the seimans one that was done for The Bahrain Grand prix. but its nothing special really. just has apic of the circuiton the back
  5. i like the escarda phone but none are really worth the price, im planning to get the nokis 7380, thats the long mirror phone with no keypag and aclick wheel repaced making smsing almost immpossible but het dont we all agree fashion before practicality?!
  6. Oooh, I wanted that one as well but I found it ridiculously complicated.
  7. yeah it is but its like working an ipod if you can do that with easy i guess handing this phone wouldnt be any different lol at ;least i hope ill be getting it in 2 or 3 months
  8. i had that one. the one that was in jlos video.. you get used to but if you love texting (as i do and do it all the time) you will end up smashing the phone with frustration!