Does anyone have the damier tate pm?????

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  1. I'm looking at this bag and it seems such a cute size but I want to know about how it fits over your shoulder and if it holds a considerable amount of things...etc. Just your own personal opinions about it if you own one. Thanks
  2. Hi Deb! I bought the tate about a month ago.. It is a decent size - I can fit my mini zippy, cosmetic pouch, keys, tissues and random things like chewing gum...

    I prefer using my mini zippy in this bag rather than my french purse so I can fit more.. Whereas If I used the french purse, it would take up most of the bag space!

    It is very cute and stylish.. A bag to hold essentials however I found the strap doesn't fit properly on my shoulder... Like it's too thick and slides off easily.. I use my speedy more often.. But it is a nice bag =)