Does anyone have the cruise lookbook?

  1. I didnt get mine ....

    Anyone would like to share?!

  2. I don't have one. I looked at the look-book at Nordstrom. I'd be surprised if the Choo boutiques didn't have a cruise catalog out, give one a call. Also, check out the JC website...lots of stuff is on it.
  3. They are supposed to be sending mine, but they are soooo slow.
  4. I have not received mine yet either, and I just had a new Choo delivered from the New York boutique:graucho: I did not realize something was missing until I read this post. Are they not available yet? I know my SA would have sent me one...I hope. I am calling her on Monday!

  6. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:..............Samantha

    You can't just post something like that and not provide details...............

    :bagslap: :bagslap:
  7. Sorry, sorry...I know, but I need to snap some pictures. I am supposed to be packing to go away for the rest of the weekend and I keep jumping on this forum:nuts:. My DH is starting to look at me a little skeptically like I will Never be ready! I really don't like packing! I will post pics Monday;).
  8. I agree!

    If you show us yours, we'll show you ours.... :p
  9. HEYYY Stinker

    Samantha is usually pretty good at sharing....:yes:


    There does seem to be one "Active Member" (who shall remain nameless)
    who has failed to post the past 3-4 :confused1: additions to her collection :bagslap: :bagslap:
  10. ^ I KNOW! And I agree.....just when ARE you going to post your collection Jburgh??

    Geez...I think we should take away her Choo membership. ;)

    No, TODAY, I promise! I will post my very redundant, but MUCH loved JC collection! :heart: Two Rings, Two Rikis, a Ramona....and a partridge in a pear tree! :p
  11. We are going to hold you to it or you too just might loose your Choo membership :roflmfao:

    (Actually Stinkerbelle, life here without you to provide us with such deep and entertaining stories :popcorn: the Choo forum would be so dull)

    We :heart::heart: you! We just want to see your Growing collection, plus I would love to see how Lil' Riki is doing ;)
  12. Who, Moi?
    I was waiting until we got our Reference Library to take and posts pics. Good news, Megs said that she will make sure Vlad does it soon. I created all the threads for it about 2 months ago. If you want to see the categories for color and style, please visit HERE for a draft. If you have any feedback, please PM me. Sorry to hijack this thread.
  13. Yeeaah....when I said TODAY I was still on European time! You see, I set my watch and all the clocks in my house to Munich time because I was trying to keep track of Robyn during her European adventure!

    And then you know, that whole Daylight Savings thing kicked in and I think it could quite possibly be Monday of next week here....I'm really not sure. :hs:

    But do not lose hope! Tomorrow....North America time....East coast to be exact, I will take photos!

    As a pretext though. You know what is weird? If you've been here for very long you've seen Robyn's photos of Lil' Riki (with Spike!) she was able to capture that color indoors is beyond me! The color is so rich and SO different in changing light. Fairly dark indoors, more of a navy blue....but a brighter vibrant blue outdoors....I love it! Robyn's photos show the perfect in-between color. Yet another talent Miss Robyn has been low key! :yes:
  14. Update. I just received my Cruise 2007/2008 book in the mail this weekend:yahoo: Oh, and my SA said she was able to preview Spring/Summer(she was not able to take pictures though) and said it was amazing!
  15. That is pretty exciting! I hope there is more in the biker leather.