does anyone have the credit card and yen holder?

  1. i'm thinking of a flat wallet for use with smaller bags... does anyone have it? does it feel awkward because there's no zipper? any pros/cons?

    [​IMG]thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. no one :confused1::confused1:
  3. i like that long bi-fold, it looks very clean! you'd need a separate change purse then...all the reason to add that do your cart too :biggrin:
  4. the brazza i believe have the same 'flat' look, but got a zippy inside for loose change. it's more practical imo :smile:
  5. ^^ totally agree!!

    To the o/p
    here's a picture of the wallet being talked about.
  6. once again this proves that my cles is useful! :yahoo:

  7. i like urs!
    but i dont like wallets with zippers inside....;)

  8. So what about the porte-valeurs cartes credités? It has the same shape as the porte-yen (maybe even the same dimensions), three long slots for bills and papers, nine cc slots and one slot for business cards. Available in Mono and Utah.
  9. Brazza is really not that bulky,even w/fully stocked card space it's still slim :yes: But if you like the streamline of Yen holder, just pair it w/cles and u r good to go!
  10. I have the Old Red Epi Yen holder. It is perfect for holding 2 checkbooks, cash and credit cards. It truely was what I needed. I love it. It is comfortable to use and fits nicely in all my bags:smile:
  11. which one is this??

  12. thanks! that's exactly what i thought!

    do you mind taking a picture of what's in your epi yen holder and posting it? thanks! :nuts: