Does anyone have the Christy bag?

  1. Does anyone here own the Christy bag?

    (Picture from Blue Bee)

    I saw the exact bag yesterday and totally drooled over it! The blue is more vibrant/bright than in the picture, but I wonder how practical a bag that blue is?

    For those who own the bag, what do you think of it? I seriously had dreams last night about it :rolleyes:.
  2. Hi SuLi-

    I have the Christy bag in grey. I love this bag!! :tup: I practically live in this bag. LOL! It is lightweight and can holds tons of stuff like magazines and files. I have even on occasion used it as a baby bag for bare minimum things. And the best part...It always gets compliments wherever I go. I just noticed that the picture of the blue Christy is different from the one I have...mine has two smaller zippers above the pockets not one big zipper across.

    Let us know if you get it and post pics!:graucho:
  3. suli- this blue is to die for!!!!! it's my dream color!
  4. i don't own it, but love the color.
  5. For someone who is very conservative with bag colors (black, brown, and olive), do you guys think that this color is versatile? I worry way too much about my bags complimenting what I am wearing, and I don't have anything remotely as bright as that particular blue color. I worry that it will look too out of place with the rest of my clothing, and I am seriously considering getting it But, I have been searching for a bluish bag for a while, but don't know if this is TOO bright for me.
  6. OOPS! Sorry SuLi. I don't have the Christy...I have the Deborah! It has been a long day at work...but I couldn't decide on the Christy or Deborah when it first came out. It's also a very nice bag and is very lightweight. I am also a person who is very conservative with bag colors but have been venturing recently to more colored bags but this blue is too bright for me! Are you planning to use it mostly for summer or year round? If for the summer have you considered the grey or natural? But black is good all year round.
  7. Definately love the Christy bag. It feels great if you have a chance to try on. The color is gorgeous, but I found the most recent blue a little too bright for my work wardrobe (brown, navy, cream, etc.) I was looking at the wheat? But then got distracted with a tote ......!
  8. I feel like I've been in a HUGE MJ rut - not really loving any of the bags. I wonder if that is part of the reason why I am drawn to the Christy - that I've been just itching to add to my collection since it's been a while. I'm going to think about it for a few more days...thanks for all your input!
  9. suli... i am not a colorful girl, but that is all the more reason why we can get away with a bright, beautiful bag! i know it is scary haha. but i really think that it is probably nicer if you where clothes that are NOT as bright as this bag. i think it is a gorgeous color. a friend of mine has a bag in this kind of color and i really think it makes her pop all the time. i know it's so easy to go for black and you should if it's what you love. but i think you would love this color as well.

    please let us know what you decide.
  10. You should stalk that site in case they put another one up! I love the Christy bag....I saw it at NM a few weeks ago, and it really is nicer in person than in photos!
  11. ^^^ I agree with the stalking if interested. People are returning their items from when sale started two weeks ago.