Does anyone have the CHANEL camera pouch ?

  1. hello,

    i saw a small CC camera pouch at Neimans a few weeks ago.

    i was wondering if anyone who knows or has it, how much is it?:heart: if u have it, can u take a pic of it? i can't seem to find it on!


  2. also, it could also be used for cellphone....
  3. I got one from Saks a few weeks ago, it was $140 in the sales. Looks like the one on ebay.
  4. omg! that is soo cute. im totally in love. how much is it original price do u know?
  5. org price is 250ish.
    Saks NYC had it down to $77.
  6. im so hurt right now tohear that it was down to THAT low!!!

    how often dothese sales occur? :crybaby: :hysteric:
  7. ohhh. its adorable. do they still have it??