Does anyone have the Chanel Cambon ballet/mary jane shoes?

  1. I dont know where to post this, b/c I am new here, but am looking for the chanel cambon mary jane or ballet flat in a 38/39... in black, beige or white::yes: I am desperate for them! Please PM if you have any or know where to get hem.
  2. are you looking for color on same color or color on different color?
  3. I have them both, black on black. I bought mine last year at Bergdorf Goodman...all the Chanel boutiques sold out. This was in Aug 2005. They don't make the maryjanes any more. They may still make the ballet shoe but mine were special holiday editions...with the patent leather CC's.

    Try Bergdorf's.
  4. And if you do happen to find them, I think you should go up a size. I have the ballet flats with the black patent Cs on black and find them very small, even though I did go up a size. The SA said the same thing, as she also had a pair.
  5. About 2 weeks ago I also saw the cambon flat black with patent black CC at BH Chanel. I wish the price is a bit lower I really would love to have a pair...I am just not willing to spend over $500 on a pair of shoes (I am def. more of a bag person!)
  6. there's NO buying or selling here!
  7. I have not seen the MJs but have the black/black flats and I did go up a size.

    Maybe check eBay?

    Good luck
  8. yeah, ebay has so many fakes:hysteric: i am desperate!