Does anyone have the Catwalk ??

  1. If anyone has bought the Catwalk, I'd love to know what they think of it, it's such a gorgeous bag IMO..... and here in Europe it's selling like hot cakes!!!
  2. I have one. I have the grey croc-embossed boyfriend got it for me for our anniversary. I love it, and it really looks timeless. I got mine from Bergdorf Goodman, but I was told by a friend at ysl that most of the styles were sold out before they even hit the floor, especially here in nyc. If you decide to get one, I would definitely recommend's beautiful and practical.
  3. Hi Mea,
    Did you post pics of your bag? I would love to see it!!!:smile:
  4. Your bag is gorgeous, can you post pics of you modelling it please?
  5. I saw one - it has a great "security chain" inside, you can attach as many sections together as you like. So you can make the bag narrow or let it loose. They said it keeps people from easily reaching into you bag.
    I don't know if I really explained it, but it's a nice feature.
  6. i can see if i can get my hands on a camera...i'm really technically handicapped though, so i'll try my best :blush:
  7. Oooo! Congrats!
  8. Yes please!! I'd love to see pics of you wearing it!! :yes:
  9. I'd have been eyeing the small Black Croc embossed for evening wear... Maybe that'll be on my Xmas wish list :smile: