Does anyone have the carryall?

  1. if so, what size do you have, how long have you had it and do you use it for travel? I'm thinking I might like one but my dh thinks if you carry expensive luggage and carry ons it makes you a target when you travel in the airports...thoughts?

    sorry - I meant keepall, not carryall...ooops!
  2. I have the monogram 55 and yes I use it for travel.
  3. I have the 55, good size for travel.

    I also have the 45 MC and 45 cerise, good carry on size.

    I have heard that argument before about expensive luggage and being a target....I guess it depends on where you are going and transportation, etc.

    I do use my MC luggage (regular suitcases) when going to vegas and nicer places, I have had no problems, in fact we seem to get better service.

    But I didn't take it when we went to asia.
  4. I just bought the Damier keepall 50 and I'm taking it next week on its first trip :yahoo:
    I was considering buying the Azur but I'm more comfortable with a traditional design. I'm planning to use it as hand luggage only, I don't think I'll be checking it in, too much of a temptation for luggage handlers :yes:
  5. would the keepall 50 be allowed as a carryon? or would it be too big when full? We travel to hawaii and CA, where I think LV is pretty much everywhere - if we go to Mexico I don't think I'd take it with me... but what about a cruise??
  6. I have the keepall and love it, however, I never check in it as it fits very well in the overhead compartment.:flowers:
  7. Cece - the damier keepall is gorgeous!
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