Does anyone have the carly wristlet?

  1. It looks like it would be a good makeup case size, does anyone have one that can confirm that? I know it's more expensive then the medium beuty cases but those things are 3" wide and always take up so much space in my medium sized bags. This wristlet is 2" and that's a big improvement!
  2. I think it could work as a makeup case. I can fit cash, cards, my Blackjack, and keys in mine and still have a little space left over.
  3. I have it and it would make a very good makeup case. Probably a beter makeup case than a wristlet - because the zipper is about an inch inset of the wristlet and makes it hard tozip even a mini skinny in there. I guess it is deceivingly short, but wide. I use my soho wristlet for makeup in my bags - but i don't carry too much around with me. I haven't used the Carly wristlet yet - I am really thinking of returning it if my hubby gets me the legacy leather wristlet for mothers day....we shall see.
  4. Yeah I keep lots of makeup in my bag, mainly lip glosses and a few compacts and mascara and oil blotters! With my oily skin I need to be ready at all times! I think I'm going to get it then! I'll offer my scribble cosmetic case to my little sister I think for half price. ;)

    I need me some free expedied shipping baby! =D
  5. I love the Carly wristlets. You could definitely use it for a makeup.
  6. Well sonofabitch. I went to add it to my basket, the khaki/saddle one and I get an error. =P I want that free shipping!
  7. Yeah, I feel like I need to buy something just because the shipping is free! :graucho:
  8. I have a khaki saddle one that i am so addicted to right now.
    even my boyfriend says its perfect.
    an LV cles, chanel lipgloss, cell phone, key clicker, lighter and maybe a cigg case!
  9. but if you go into the store shipping is always free.

    oh and, it would make a GREAT small makeup case! congrats!!
  10. Figures, when the shipping is free the site is f-ing up...:cursing:
  11. Well I could go there but it's such a hassle commuting to that mall, I feel as tho I can order it and have it arrive tomarrow with no charge for shipping! Yes I'm soooo lazy. XD
  12. Well THAT was a fiasco. I called the 1800 number and gave the nice woman the error code. It was a code she was completely unfamiliar with! Anyways she finds out that it means that item isn't available. Great! =P Well what she then does is proceeds to find stores in MA. who would have it and finds one. She worries they won't arrive by Saturday tho and starts worrying about it more then I. XD I didn't have the heart to tell her it wasn't for my mom but for me. But she took care of it and I also got a chocolate sig stripe mini skinny, my first one ever! Mainly to get my amount up past 150 for the speed shipping. ;) Hopefully I'll have them at my house on Saturday!!
  13. Darn it, the shipping was the only thing that was keeping me from ordering the Legacy Leather slim tote!
  14. Why don't you get it then?? It's free shipping up until tomarrow at 12!
  15. That was freaking funny!:roflmfao: