Does anyone have the Carly "top handle" pouch yet?

  1. I just noticed this on the Coach site and I'm in LOVE:heart: . It just looks like a mini Carly bag, it doesn't have the "top handle pouchy look" that the others usually have, it looks like an actual bag just small. I figured this could be my runaround bag or when I just want to carry Celly, keys, wallet ect. The measurements look good 9"L by 6 1/4"H by 3 3/4"W. That's way bigger than say a pouchette. And it's only $178. (Which I might find cheaper if on sale by some miracle) And it has a 6 in strap drop so I could probably get it on the shoulder. So basically I could get my Carly fix without spending 400ish dollars. Does anyone on here have it? I would love to see a "real" picture versus lusting off the website. :p And the color choices are TDF. I'm totally loving the khaki/brass/black combo. It really brings it out. Here is the linky...
  2. Thanks so much Mokoni.:yahoo: I don't know why I thought I was bringing something "new" to the table with you lovely ladies:sweatdrop: I haven't been over here in a while, trying to curb my LV fascination. Fell back in love with Coach, the legacy line just threw me right in. All the cute accessories they have now:wlae:Thanks again. It will probably be in the next couple of weeks I can tackle my coach wishlist. Getting another bonus:graucho:
  3. You're welcome! I am glad those threads helped. I've seen the Carly pouch in person and I remember thinking it was super cute! I can also remember thinking that for a pouch, it was pretty big and that it could easily be used as an everyday bag.
  4. Posted in the other threads but I'll post again.

  5. it really is the perfect run-around bag - I like it. very comfortable.
  6. I knew I shouldn't have opened this thread. How soon till PCE :p
  7. does it adjust or is the shoulder strap really only big enoguh to wear over a t-shirt?
  8. It is the perfect size! Oh I hope they get this one in at Holt, or I may just have to have it special ordered! LOL.
  9. OMG, that is just about the cutest thing ever! It would be a great date night bag.
  10. This is so cute..... I really considered it before I got my Carly Demi but I think I'm going to have to break down and get one eventually....

    I really have my heart set on a small Ergo next....but LOVE the Carly =)
  11. i recently tried on this bag at the boutique in both the signature print w/gold trim and in the chocolate
    i was surprised at how well it does fit on the shoulder and how roomy it is....i was also considering it and still am in fact!!
  12. Here is mine...she was my first Coach purchase and will always have a special place in my heart! I LOVE her!!
    DSC00396.JPG DSC00869a.jpg