Does anyone have the Capri bucket tote yet?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I was wondering if anyone on tPF owns the Capril bucket tote yet? I saw it on someone this past weekend in NYC and thought it was really lovely.

  2. I purchased the white one about a week ago and I'm sad to say that I returned it. I actually loved the style but I just cannot believe that YSL would design a bag with this major issue. The bottom of the bag has 4 protective feet on the bottom but when you put your things in it and set it down the bottom of the bag flares up and the bag ends up sitting on the leather instead of the feet because they are raised up. This probably make no sense at all, its kind of hard to explain. My SA agreed that it was a really bad design and its not something you can even notice in the store....not until you put your stuff in it. I was so dissappointed!!
  3. It comes in some lovely colors, but as jlarnold said, it loses its shape when it's carrying your things......I guess you could put something into it like you would a Speedy, but that's not a plus when buying a bag !!
  4. [​IMG]

    I was going to get the bucket, but I opted for this one in black patent. I haven't used it yet - I hope it doesn't have similar problems with the feet. Will post pics after the holiday.
  5. ^^^Oooo, congrats alisonanna! I can't wait to see your pics. I prefer this one too.

    I have seen the bucket in some pretty colors (all patent, I think). But I just wasn't crazy about the style/design.
  6. Actually, it really doesn't lose its shape when you carry it... it sags a little but the real problem is when you set it doesn't sit on the feet. I would be interested to know if the flap bag does the same.
  7. I agree with you on the feet issue. I went to my local NM's this afternoon, and spent the longest time looking/comtemplating the bag. I love the concept of the "bucket" but the feet were positioned really awkwardly. Also, I did not love the cream linen interior...I wish it was darker or in a satiny material like some of their other bags.
  8. I feel the same way about the cream interior - it is more noticeable with the bucket, since the top doesn't close. That's part of the reason I chose the Capri.
    I was comparing the "feet" issue with balenciaga - their bags with feet don't really sit on them either, maybe it's just the slouchier style. I'm not sure why they put them there, if they serve no purpose. But they are kind of cute. I'll go for a test run today in my living room!
  9. I was checking out both the Capri Bucket and Capri Flap in person today and I really liked the Flap. I actually like the fact that they get nice and slouchy when you're carrying them, but I don't like carrying bags that are as open as the Bucket is on top and I agree with others that it's not a great look to have the linen interior extremely visible, too.

    I don't think the feet issue would bother me since I have other bags with feet where the bag isn't really structured enough to actually sit on the feet. I would agree that it makes them pointless in a functional sense, but I also agree with alisonanna that they're cute. They're clearly visible when you're carrying the bag, given the slouch, and actually create part of the look IMO.

    The Flap didn't appeal to me at all in print, but playing around with it in person has really made me long for one in black leather (not patent for me). I could see myself using this as a go-to bag for years. I'm just wondering whether they'll end up discounted if I wait for a bit. There are so many Overseas on Bluefly and I can't tell if this bag will end up going the same route or if it will be more popular.
  10. Shazam, your post is so insightful. I found my questions being answered as I read through it. Thank you!

    Alisonanna, I saw your post about your new Capri Flap. Your bag is tdf! Thanks for posting the pics, and please do let us know how it holds up once you decide to take her outdoors.