Does anyone have the BV dog food dish?

  1. Just curious. If you do, how do you like it?
  2. My dog would have to slurp his water or eat his food very carefully for me to get him a BV dish. I'd be curious how many of those they sell!
  3. I love the dog bed but there is no way I would spend that much on something that is going to get slobbered and peed on. Same goes for the dog bowl.
  4. I feel the same way too!
  5. Keke. It looks so cool.
  6. I think if I spent all that $$ on the dog dish I'd eat out of it myself, and to hell with the dog.
  7. :roflmfao: That`s what I was thinking. (If I had any money for actual food left ;o)
  8. Omg that is too funny
  9. Unfortunately, I know many dog owners who would be all over this dog bowl for their malti-poos, chihuahuas, and the like! My dog, on the other hand, would not be allowed within 10 feet of this thing if I owned it!
  10. I love the look of these dog accessories, but if any of our 4 maniacal dogs got near them, they'd be instantly reduced to expensive shreds. So it's stainless steel and Snoopy bowls for this house.
  11. Just wondering, do BV make dog collars? I've looked around on the net, but never found any.
  12. Pet collars! That's a very cool new BV idea...I've never seen them, but I think you're on to something there!
  13. Well, they do carry leashes so I`m pretty sure they carry collars as well!
  14. They do! :yes: In quite a couple of colours too.
    I haven't seen them IRL, but they were there, in the Resort 2006 catalogue.


    They start from S$470 - S$600. :graucho:
  15. Hmm... they are pretty, but they would be even prettier if they were woven :smile: