Does anyone have the Burberry Fringe Peyton?

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  1. I have larger bags and I need a small cross body bag for walking. I don't want to carry a huge bag in Las Vegas. So, I went on the search for a boho cross body type bag, which brought me to the Fringe Peyton.

    Does anyone have this bag? Do you like it?

    Ive google searched the living daylights on this bag, and I can only find a few photos.
    As of right now, the only place I found it in stock ad with photos showing in google search were for sell on FP, and the TRR. Im really to buy gently used and want to know how well it holds up. (Ive never purchased from either site- so if theres any recommendations, I appreciate it.)

  2. I have the suede fringe Chichester and I wish I hadn't bought it. The strap on mine is too long for this bag, too thin, the fringed leather gets weirdly misshaped as soon as I don't lay it down perfectly flat, making sure none of the strips is folded. It might bee due to the suede, maybe a regular leather would be easier to maintain its shape.
  3. I do have to say though that I find Burberry suede high quality compared to other brands. Even better than some of Burberry's other types of material on certain purses. Hope that helps! [emoji4]
  4. Thank you. On our trip to Vegas I popped into their outlet- they had a few in stock, hidden in their drawers, the blue and green. I originally was looking for the rose pink color- but ended up loving the Forest Green. All the 'fringe' pieces lay down fine. :smile: Its has a long strap- but I wanted a smaller bag that I can cross body wear and it hits my hip. The suede on it is thick, an better quality to me than some other brands I had looked at.
    Was stumped since no one here really ever mentioned it! Thanks again!
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