Does anyone have the Balenciaga in the courier style?

  1. if so, what do you think of it? thanks!
  2. I got one in INK..I LOVE IT.

    It is pretty much the same size as the Weekender (pretty close lenghtwise, width and hieght). I carried it on my shoulder. I LOVE the thick strap. It's very minimalist. No buckle on each side of the bag.

    I love the simplicity of it. I will post pics very soon. It's more casual than Weekender or Work.

    I love mine. Although, there will be a "Bigger" version of courier in the fall, but the current size is JUST PERFECT enough for travelling, hanging around the city..etc.
  3. I saw the courier and love it! If you love big bags then you will want one!
  4. I have it in the Cornflower Blue (see -; page 9.
    I LOVE :love: this bag; I really think it's my favorite Balenciaga!!!!! For someone who travels as extensively as I do, this is just perfect. While I love the Weekender too, the problem was that you had to hold the bag on your lower arm or in your hands. With the shoulder strap (which can be adjusted so that you can wear the bag on your shoulder -or- across the chest messenger style), this is a very versatile bag.

    I highly recommend it ...
  5. hi..check my posting on the weekender thread..I have pics of the courier style in INK.

    Check it out!
  6. A couple of postings say that there will be an even bigger Courier in the fall. Does that mean that they will discontinue the "smaller" one? If that's the case then I'm going to grab one now, as the current one is plenty big enough for me.