Does anyone have the AS swatch?

  1. i'm trying to figure out what placement i like....and which bag to get, but i've never seen the whole AS print.

    i hated it when it first came out, so i never really looked for the whole print.

    But now I love it!!

    i've got the sickness!!
  2. ahh no I don't think there's a swatch of the entire print but I remember a while ago someone created a grid showing where all the characters are on the print. I can't recall what thread that was in though because it was a while ago :sweatdrop:
  3. I caught the AS bug a long long time ago. It's super cute if you can get a few of the characters on it. Unfortuantely I don't have a pic of the entire print. :sad:
  4. pooo. i'll just hve to dig for it
  5. I just ordered the Adios Star Gioco from South Hampton. I really wanted to fish on the fornt, and the lady was able to find me one, but I told her I really didn't like the mushrooms. She laughed and said that the musrooms were actually right near the fish. :tdown:

    I bought the bag anyway, but i too wish I could have found a swatch of the entire print so I could see where I wanted the placement.

    I also bought a Adios Star gioco at Macy's with average placement, just in case I hate the South Hampton one, lol.

    It's amazing how important placement can be on some of these bags, especially Adios Star, sinmce you don;t get a lot of character choices.
  6. Neeecole- I found this which helped me a lot when I was trying to come up with my perfect placement on AS. It was really helpful b/c it lets you know what characters are around each other! That way you know what you have a good shot at getting.

    And I know what you mean! I used to really dislike AS simply because there weren't enough characters or scenes going on which is what I really love about Tokidoki. But then I began to appreciate the simplicity of the black and white with random bits of color and the idea of finding great placement on AS! It's like a hunt, lol :smile: Lindsey helped me and I ended up really super happy about my AS Bambinone... I carry it the most right now even though I feel bad for my Inferno gioco!
  7. thanks! that was extra helpful. as close to a swatch as i think i'll get!
  8. Neeecole, can I add you on Myspace? I noticed you have Portishead and Missy Elliot in your profile which is really effin' rad :smile:
  9. Neeecole, a little OT question, but how did you get such a long signature? I try to save mine and it says you can only have blah blah blah so many characters, and won't save it. I see other people's with more than mine...and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong? :sad:

  10. hyper_ballad: of course! that's pretty much why i put it there! tokidoki friends are the best kind:heart:

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  11. So I went a little crazy last night and I made the Adios Star swatch based on pastelstar's awesome grid... I just got a Gioco myself, so I wanted to see where all the character placements are. I know some up the stuff isn't exactly lined up, but I'm not a total masochist! :p
  12. This is what is at the Macy's at Stonewood Center Mall in Downey, CA. I was there this weekend visiting my family.
    Adios 2.jpg

  13. O:huh:...good work gingiemay:tup:! it nice to see a whole swatch so we can see all the characters!
  14. Thanks! it was actually kind of fun, I just went on eBay and looked at pictures of AS star bags to find them. Thank god for Photoshop!

    This swatch seems a lot bigger than any of the other ones, i don't think it's possible to get the whole thing on one bag, even if they made Avventura!
  15. Wow, great job gingiemay!:tup: