Does anyone have the April 2006 Elle with Shakira on the cover?

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  1. My friend gave me a jacket that was featured in one of the fashion spreads for my birthday! I actually had this issue but I lost it when I was moving out of my apartment. If someone could send me a copy or scan the pages for me I would really appreciate it! TIA
  2. I think I still do
  3. can anyone else help? chag was so sweet to check but couldn't find it. it's not the Shakira spread I'm looking for but the "Walk the Line" ish spread in that issue

    wild musings, yo I love Colbert
  4. I have the magazine in front of me and would like to scan the pages for you... but have no idea which spread you're talking about :shame:. Is it either of these??
    elle01.jpg elle03.jpg
  5. Who doesn't :love: ?
    Sorry they weren't the images you were looking for, hope you find them.
  6. ameka, thank you so much!! PMed you
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