Does anyone have the Alma Voyage MM?

  1. Hey... I really want to get the Alma Voyage MM... and I tried it on at the Chicago boutique and fell in LOVE!....

    HOWEVER... I dont want to spend $1,380 for it... so i am trying to find a gently used one... so if anyone knows where I can get that at a deal would be AMAZING!...

    ALSO.... does anyone have pics of theirs? I think it is a terrific bag...

  2. Hey a new bag so soon??? lol just kidding!
    try eBay or anyone of the other resellers on the net! Don't ask cos I don't know!
    I don't have it although I would prefer a ribera GM for travel!
    anyway it's a beautiful bag and if you find a good deal snatch it!
    Good luck!

    P.S we are waiting for some pics you know!!!:whistle:
    kidding again!!!
  3. LMAO! Im working on the pics! Yeah, i love the ribera too! But I want the alma voyage as an everyday bag! It was the perfect size when i tried it on. I fell in love... the main reason i didn't buy when i bought my speedy was because bf told me i couldn't spend that much money on one item... :sad: oh well i LOVE my speedy too
  4. Maybe it's time to stop taking your BF with you when you go shopping! lol
    he ruins your decisions! haha
    As an everyday bag I wouldn't go for it for the only reason that it may be rigid and bump to corners and so! I wouldn't wanna do that to my bag!
    it is quite deep!
    Good luck on your decision...
  5. Hope I'm not messing up you thoughts..
    you can always ignore me and buy the one you really want!!!
  6. Lol no, i value your opinion, dont worry :smile:
  7. I love the Alma Voyage MM too... I guess my only concern about the bag is that it would be quite hard to find items in it LOL. But I guess I could say that about my Speedy and other big bags too. OMG imagine how beautiful all the monogram must look in the summer time? OMG I can see it now...

    *Hunts down an Alma MM!*
  8. mmmm.... Monogram in the summertime... HOT! lol now i really want it...

    I know this is cliche... but i would KILL for a Damier Azur bag this summer...

    *i can see it now...*
  9. I love it too, get it now since I heard that it's discontinued.
  10. It's such a beautiful bag however I think that it is on the large size personally, but if you can rock it then definitely get it as it's beautiful. I guess it depends how much you like to lug around with you lol. :tup:
  11. The Alma Voyage is a stunning bag! If you're looking for a used one I'd keep a lookout on eBay- Fashionphile recently sold one for a bit under $700.