Does Anyone Have the 07 Legacy Shoulder Bag?

  1. Or at least a picture of it? I saw it in the catalog and this will be my next and last Coach purchase for this year. I want it in Black. I am going back to college and do not have financial aid so needless to say I need to limit my purse purchasing so I am going to focus on this ONE bag.
    Can you order them now?
    Has anyone seen them in person?
    Does anyone have a picture of it in Black?

    Thanks in Advance:heart:
  2. if you type in "shoulder" on in search it comes up. but they don't have black up yet.
  3. There was a thread about a member receiving a clay one, not black but you can get an idea of what it looks like outside of the catalog.
  4. Thank You ladies! As always I can depend on you all :smile: Now I get to start obsessing over pictures!
  5. That as me who had the clay shoulder bag. Loved the bag - the color was just not me. I would recommend it!!
  6. Thanks Angie for the pics! I am definately going to get the black!
  7. No problem - be sure to post pics when you get it - I think it will be great in the black!! Yay!
  8. ^^They may already be available. I'd call your store and order now so you can use the PCE discount.
  9. I don't have the money now :sad: Gotta wait until the next PCE, which is okay with me as I don't plan on carrying black until fall anyways.
  10. Kiara, my black '07 Shoulder Bag is scheduled for delivery today!! Even though I am at work I keep tracking my package to see if it's been delivered yet. :rolleyes:

    I will post photos of it as soon as I get home! :yes:
  11. :wtf::wtf::wtf:

  12. CANT. WAIT. TO. GET. HOME. Seriously, this wait is killing me. The padlock heart key fob is with it, too. :hysteric:

    Sadly, though, I have a feeling that it's going to be too big for me. When I saw the photos of it next to last year's Shoulder Bag this year's seemed a bit smaller but the measurements on say it's bigger. Oh well - we'll see!
  13. What thread has the photos of the 06 and 07 shoulder zip side by side? Just based on what I've seen in the catalog they look the same size. TIA!