does anyone have something in violette?

  1. If so can you post and also let us know what the leather is?

    I saw a violette chevre wallet at H Madison and I can't get it out of my head:love: ...
  2. Orchids, thanks so much...that will tide me over...I just love the violette! And that is the Bearn I saw!! (well, obviously not the exact one, but looked just like it!) :smile:
  3. You're welcome RC! I'd say that the Violette's true color is best shown in the second link; the color of the Bearn is a bit lighter in the picture than IRL as you may know already. I think the Violette would look lovely against the beautiful RS interior of your new bag!
  4. Rockerchic,

    Here's some more for color comparison.

    The newly obtained Karo GM in Violette Chevre compared to my Raisin and Lilac Chevre agenda

  5. Lovely colors!!! I love purple and all your accessories are just gorgeous!
  6. S, GET THE WALLET!!!!!! It was a beauty and will complement the rose shocking interior of your birkin beautifully.
  7. gorgeous. get it!! You NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED it.
  8. Violet chevre is simply gorgeous!!! I must have a piece one day :biggrin:

  9. You are such an enabler!!:p
  10. Violette and Rose Shocking....... mai oui!!!! (this is the extent of my french......)
  11. I have a violet chevre trifold Bearn --- I love it, a great color for a wallet. I cannot recommend it more. GET IT!!!
  13. Gorgeous color -- I am still reeling over the interior of your new birkin!!!
  14. Get the Violette! I just ordered a Violette Karo pm a few minutes excited. The inside of my bag will look like a a bag of skittles with all the colors!

    So get the violette and post pix!:yahoo: