Does anyone have Six Degrees yet?

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  1. I'm loving this bag in caramel - I keep looking at it on MHB. I was just wondering if anyone had it and what they thought of it - I'd also love to see some IRL pics.
  2. I like the look of the bag too.. especially in carmel! I think you should get it and do a review for us all!!
  3. Ok, I emailed MHB - I want to see the zipper on the bottom. I know I've seen a picture of it before, but I can't find it now - it's not on TPF.
  4. I saw one in person a few weeks ago in berry blue. It was a great bag. I would probably have bought it but it wasn't on sale and the one I bought (Ready Steady in grape) was.
  5. How does it compare size-wise to the Ready Steady?
  6. It looks about the same except for the depth, even with the zipper opened I don't think the depth would equal the Ready Steady. I have a feeling the RS would hold a good bit more but the Six Degrees isn't small by any means. I like it but you have to like lots of trim.
  7. I loooooooove how this bag looks in caramel! I love the other colors too but I think the brown trim is set off the best by the caramel. Yum, yum, yum... if I were rich, this bag would be mine!
  8. TE sent me two pics this afternoon that really show the bottom zipper. I LOVE the bag - I am definitely going to get it, I just need to check my $$ situation. And I think it's time to start selling off some of my collection - Coach and other random stuff - so I can buy more Tanos!!

    And I can't stop looking at the picture on MHB - I have it bookmarked!
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    It looks like an awesome bag and I love the expandable zipper too!!

    The caramel in this bag looks amazing. I love the hardware. Now I am second guessing the Biker Babe.
  10. Fantastic Tori! I hope you get it and love it!
  11. I just wanted to post the pictures of the bottom zipper of the Six Degrees. Pictures are courtesy of MHB.

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  12. I like this bag in the caramel color the best. I think it's a lovely contrast. It's good to see the pictures of the bottom and how it expands. Just like the obvious affection bag. I think it's a nice feature. There's just something about it that I can't put my finger on. Hmm...maybe the straps are just a tad bit too thick? Maybe it's just my way of convincing myself that I don't need another bag being that I bought 3 tanos in 5 weeks. I'm also comparing it to the DWTS in caramel. I don't know. With my luck, I'll decide I want to purchase it and it will be sold out!
  13. I love both the Six Degrees and the DWTS and I've been doing lots of comparisons as well. What I think I like more about the Six Degrees is the front pocket - I like having my cell phone in a separate place.
  14. Good point. Yes, that is VERY convenient. Even though we have inside cell phone pockets, I'm always going through my purse looking for my phone. It falls or I just toss it in. I'm so unorganized!
  15. Oh awesome pics! :tup: That bag is neat-o!