Does anyone have psorasis?

  1. I have been dealing with psorasis since I was 12 (I'm 20 now). Psorasis has so badly scarred me that since age 12 I have NEVER worn shorts again--the psoraisis is mainly on my shins and ankle.

    I'm looking to see what medications have worked for other people are dealing/dealt with this. Currently I am using talconex and my bad spots are the best they have ever I just have to deal with scarring..if anyone knows anything that will help improve my scars I am all ears..

  2. They are giving Enbrel for psorasis now with amazing results.
    I am on this for rhuematoid arthritis. I have no side effects. Talk with your dermo about this ASAP.
  3. My mom had it really bad forever. She has it somewhat under control but when she gets stressed it flares up. She uses a comination of Emu oil and kukui nut oil, and she swears by it. As far as medicaions i am not sure what she is using atm. I wish you luck I know it can be very painful