Does anyone have pix of the Amethyst Speedy?

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  1. I see that it is available on line to order but none of the LV stores I have gone to have it to show me. Can anyone point me to some good pix of the speedy (30 preferrably) in Amethyst?

    Thanks! Kat
  2. Thank you! Is it really close to Aurore IRL? Or different enough?
  3. Aurore is more pink, totally diferent than Amethyste which is bright, but not "loud" purple. Very pretty.
  4. Here you go

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  5. Thank you Angie!!! That is exactly the combo I am thinking of. Have the artsy and want the speedy! LOL.
  6. :drool:
  7. I'm loving the Aurore color since I'm a pink/fuschia lover. Is this pic of Aurore pretty close to what it is? She's gorgeous and I'm starting to get the bug for empreinte bags after all these reveals of the black Speedys and Artsys!

  8. Depending on the lighting the Aurore had pink tones but it's more red than pink. I've attached another picture when I moved the bags. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394323864.147602.jpg

  9. Stunning colors!

  10. I do wish the Amethyste was available in the Artsy but good job it's not because I'd buy one!

    Other half much prefers the Amethyste over the Auror and he really does love all my speedy's. Not sure why.