Does anyone have pictures of the ROUILLE First?

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  1. I am holding out for the Rouge Viv in the First, but if anyone has pictures of their rouille first that would be great as i might get that instead if the shade is yummy enough :smile: :P
  2. oh girl!!!! I want a rouille first too..I am now inlove with that color!!!:love:
  3. im just scared that ill want it once it is sold out :sad:
  4. got the pic from CULTSTAUS...:P i think they still have some "first" left in this color.
  5. aww it looks too orangey! :sad:
  6. lol~~ lobster color?! i think its much prettier IRL though~
  7. I find that Cultstatus' pics can look quite different to the actual colour IRL. Before I bought my 05 rouge, Lily sent me a few pics which looked orangey-red to me, definitely not the true berry red that it is. I think that rouille pic is coming off as more bright orange than it really is too.

    Wait for the rouge vif, though. I'll wait with ya:smile:)
  8. ok sue it's a pact :biggrin:

    i cant decide between a first and city though, im only 5"1 :sad:

    i dont carry *that* many things with me to work, but i do think that the city looks alot more classic whereas the first looks more trendy (i want classic!). my concern is that the rouge viv might be too bright and attention seeking in the city size hehe.
  9. here's the picture from aloha rag website.. as you can see the color is not so orangey... the color changes depending on the lighting, and people have been saying that it's really hard to capture rouille's true color by camera!!

    I sure hope so, as I hate orangey shade, and I've just ordered a rouille city!!:graucho:
  10. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i've gotta rouille first & i love's true the color changes under different light :smile: the bright sunlight, it is a gorgeous, vibrant orangey-color, but indoors it's much darker...i think it's such a yummy color & it makes me happy when i carry it...i'll try & post some pictures soon :yes:
  11. oh gosssshhhhh time for me to buy the rouille bag!!!!:love: :roflmfao:
  12. here's my little rouille first indoors, it's still shiny 'cause it's new :love:

    p.s. the photos aren't "photoshopped" at all, only sized down!!!
  13. Oooh, aaallabama! Your Rouille First is gorgeous! That color looks beautiful in that style!
  14. I don't think the City will be too big on you. You should def get the City, esp based on your thoughts on the First. The City isn't actually that big. I thought it would be but when I got it, I remember thinking.. eh, is this it?? LOL! It kinda looks bigger in pics for some reason.

    Depending on what you're comfortable with, I don't think rouge vif would be too "loud" in the City. I really want a Hobo in 05 rouge but if I can't find one, I'll consider the rouge vif in that style. :smile:
  15. oh no the rouille is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's a gorgeous red :sad:

    yes i might opt for the city, i suppose i can always sell it again if indeed it is too big!

    i cant decide :sad: