Does anyone have pictures of Royal Blue w/ basket wave MAB?

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  1. There is a royal blue/brown basket MAB on ebay that i am bidding on and I'm winning(not even if i want the bag)right now. does anyone have any pictures of one bc the pictures on ebay aren't very good. Thanks!
  2. Royal Blue / Brown Basketweave MAM

  3. is this your bag? Do you like it? I don't now if i like the color combo?
  4. Hehehe, yes thats my bag. I LOVE it! It is my favorite RM bag of all time (along with the Wine MAM) The color combo of Royal and Brown is unique and beautiful and in my opinion , it makes for a stunning bag.
  5. Good to hear! Thank you for your info!
  6. Right now the highest bid is $227 which is a great price but I hope it is real!
  7. I am watching that bag too. How can you tell if it is a fake? I have never seen a fake RM.
  8. But, I think I am going tokeep the one I ordered from Bluefly if it goes to 300. Its at an awesome deal. Itsnot the same shades though. I really want a black or burgandy or even all navy MAM. I want to buy one. Even used.
  9. its realladies! RM is not faked yet! this bag is a BEAUTY
  10. Well six more hours and no one has placed a bid since i did late last night-1 to many cocktails last night for me!
  11. Oh I did not realize that the royal blue/brown basketweave had the same blue zipper lining as the as black basketweave!
  12. Watch out for sniper bidding! I wouldn't be surprised if there were many of them on this bag!
  13. I have the Royal Blue w/ basket weave MAB and LOVE it! Had it for a little over a year and find myself always going back to it. Get compliments all the time. It's a great bag. Beautiful colors.
  14. I have this bag and I absolutely love it! With the exception of the handles, the bag has held up very well. I would say I have had it now for close to a year.
  15. Gung-
    Does your royal/ brown basketweave have brass or silver hardware? Pics look like the brass but I see Funkylala has one with silver hardware...