Does anyone have pictures of damier bag w/ mono wallet...

  1. or vice versa? Please post. I am thinking about getting a damier bag but I think I should get a monogram wallet since there are much more monogram bags that I like and plan to get in the future. I want to see how they look together. If it is truly and eyesore. ( I know LV does not like them together but I cannot afford :sad: to have a monogram wallet and a damier wallet.) TIA
  2. I actually think that's fine to mix, but maybe consider an epi wallet that way you're not mixing patterns at all........I mix mono and damier all the time though, and I know a lot of other women who do to, I would't let it bother you......
  3. Here you go:smile::
  4. I think they are cute together! I enjoy having different pieces that are not matchy-matchy. Mix it up.. its all good!:wlae:
  5. I think they mix beautifully together - personally I don't like things that are too matchy-matchy. Last time I was at LV, I was put a Vernis Framboise Koala wallet next to a Damier bag, and thought they looked wonderful together, although the red Vernis was gorgeous with it too. YMMV...
  6. Ooooh , I love that combo too, the last LV store I was in was actually displaying that, soooo pretty that it convinced me to get a framboise piece and it's so much fun in my damier papillon! I personally don't like the matchy matchy either which is why I've been opting for vernis and epi accessory pieces, I love the pop of color!
  7. Thank you so much. They actually look good together. Is that a speedy 25 or 30?

  8. Really? I've never heard this. Who said? Did a SA told you this?

    I hate changing wallets. I don't mind carrying a different bag everyday but what's inside of my bags hardly ever changes. Prior to my red Vernis FP, I carried my Mono PTI with all of my bags.
    I also use my mono cles with everything.
  9. I really liked the red vernis too, saw the koala, and I'm thinking of getting that next to go with my damier speedy 30:graucho:
  10. You are welcome.:smile: It's a 30.
  11. An LV SA who is on tPF said so in a previous post. Tha LV does not want monogram and damier displayed together and they are told to discourage their customers from putting them together. :shrugs:
  12. Yes, I remember the thread, apparently it's the only combo that they never mix.
  13. If you like it, mix it! I have two LV wallets: epi mandarin for spring/summer and mono for fall/winter. I only have one bag in damier and MANY bags in mono canvas. I am not about to run out and buy a damier wallet just because you can't mix mono with damier according to LV!:wacko: Unless LV starts giving out free wallets with their bags, I will mix the patterns. I don't care!:wlae:
  14. Exactly!
  15. Exactly!! It's our bag and wallet..I am interested to ask my SA about it for my next visit.
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